• Carpenter ants

    The carpenter ants is not only annoying by its mere presence, it is also dangerous for your home. It establishes its colonies in the structure of your residence and then feeds on it until it collapses

    See our article and videos on carpenter ants
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  • Mouse and rat

    phobia trigger, mice and rats also carry diseases

    the damage they cause to your home is sometimes unexpected. Do you know that they eat up electrical wires and cause short circuits/fires

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  • Raccoon

    Raccoons, skunks or bats are not exterminated, they are re-localized, integrated control

    the use of environmentally friendly products and integrated control are our weapons for an environmentally friendly practice of our trade.

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  • Bed bugs

    A global scourge, Montreal is a victim like the major metropolises of North America of the return of the bedbug

    The extermination of this bloodsucker requires expertise and perseverance.

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  • Wasps and their nest

    The extermination of a wasp’s nest requires experience and expertise. Call the exterminator instead of the ambulance!!!

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  • The cockroach or German cockroach

    The cockroach likes heat and humidity, as the kitchen brings her food, it is often where we meet her. the exterminator tells you more…

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  • Grey rat or sewer rat

    The presence of rats in our sewers is not new, but what happens when they enter our homes?

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Alerte Animal your exterminator in Montreal. Pest Management.

Are you worried? Are you concerned about damage from rodents and insects? Are you disgusted by the presence of vermin in your walls or in your house?

GarantieExterminateur We will deal with your problem. We have years of experience in pest management in Greater Montreal. Our experts are the best guarantee of an irreproachable service. We operate throughout the island of Montreal, Laval, in Lanaudière and on the North Shore. Our technicians are certified trained, very efficient. We carry out animal capture and insect extermination. Pesticide application is now highly regulated, so it is important to call in an expert who respects the environment and a extermination process rigorous.

We are approved by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and all our technicians are certified.


Service d'extermination We offer a quality, certified pest control service at the best price. For your peace of mind, René and his professional technicians will travel quickly to the site of the infestation or invasion of which you are the victim. Our vehicles are not identified out of respect for you and discretion towards the neighborhood.

Pest control

Extermination Montréal The extermination of insects well experienced as Carpenter ants , bed bugs, the wasps or cockroach .
The fear engendered by an infestation of mouses ou de sewer rat (phobie) settled in a phone call and our quick response. We are exterminators in the greater Montreal area, no insect persists after our ecological treatment ...


Capture d'animaux We treat intruders in environmentally responsible and responsible ways. There are many ways to stop a junk animal problem, such as having a raccoon in your yard or from pests such as large rodents. We work with the so-called integrated pest management approach, which means that we identify, prevent, monitor and intervene only when necessary. Finally we reassess your situation.

Passion for the profession

The job of exterminator Specialized training and many years of experience with a renowned exterminator before creating our company. A passion for pest management and the analysis of infestation situations. The pleasure of being of service, of listening and of solving painful situations.
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... or even faster: 514 830 2819

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